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Think about this.

We have taken advantage of our own addictiveness to comfort, and have enslaved ourselves in a self-destructive narcissism.

This is our fleeting chance to mature into something adept and enduring and great, but that will require all of us to cooperate.

If you cannot help fight the battle against these abstracted manipulators who are designing things for themselves, you can still forward this message, and encourage conversation.

What we need are communities, education, strong health and good food. What we do not need is a perverted evolutionary track based on immaterial logic and deception.

We all have to face this addiction together, or we will all be destroyed by it. Please.
Save the humans.

A Foundation Of United Rights

We're facing an epic food and water crisis, the ozone is disappearing, starting wars is a money making business, and the people making all of our important decisions for us are laughing their way to the bank? We have overwhelming facts but, seriously, no democracy?

What are we the people doing about it? Is this the twilight zone? Protesting? Talking over pete's coffee about what an injustice this is? Sitting on a computer, gazing at rainbow colored lasers drawing bursts of glowing lava?

This is not merely injustice. This is the utter doom of our planet. You are killing the most creative and intelligent people who will never exist in the future. This is the most serious crime against humanity that is possible.

Change the system so that corruption can't happen. This is what democracy is. It is not the president. It is not the electoral college. It is not private corporations. It is an agreement and a safeguard. It is every single person watching out for each other, and it is simple.

We can pick out something that has to happen, like the elimination of corporate personhood, then make it happen, using a single website and utilizing the network of activism we already have to help showcase it. Have a fleet of ships, but also a flagship. The mass can't comprehend every ship, but they can keep an eye on one.

I've seen so many people wondering how the resistence can reach more people, and this is how. Take it from the practices which every big name company duplicates, appeal to the mass as effortlessly as possible. Good information gets lost to a huge number of people, more stuff in the super storm of propaganda running around the net. With one thing, one site that the movement could spread and maintain focus upon, it could actually reach all people.

What could we do if they still ignore the demand to reform? Advertise more. Tell the whole world that our government has been proven corrupt but refuses to do anything about it. Tell the whole world not to trust them, that we are being held against our will, and not to support it.

Since we look to our government for everything offical, they can afford to ignore something to our face because their lack of acknowlegement creates psychological discredit. But that wouldn't work in the face of the world. They would be pressed hard to do the right thing.

We don't have a Foundation Of United Rights. There is nothing to chaperone the government or champion the truth but ourselves. It's an idea, but please, do something.

Tower Of Political Babble

The more you talk about something the less you experience and the more you invent it, until everything you see is masquerading as what you expect. Things become larger than life, and more complicated than they truely are.

Creatively taking anything literally to mean all sorts of things unintended. Poetry of poetry.

This political language has been muddled with sinuosities to avoid the truth, maintaining a state of no conclusion and confusion. While we're trying to tame and soothe these political concepts, tyrants are doing what they always do creating their own position of power.

They are making up rules and creating distractions. We cannot keep playing this game.

We need a system that can make decisions based on life which cannot be manipulated by things such as money. We need our collection of truth to run the government, and democracy is how to create that. It's the ideas themselves that should have equal rights to be considered good or bad.

The Cancer of Logic
(a vary rough draft)


There is something functional to be said about what is meant to be. Nature will have things settle on what works, while intervention is proving to create things that do not work, like pollution for example. Evolution is a slow process for a good reason, and we are messing with that in a very short time, failing to appreciate this cause of a cancer-like malfunction, in both our physical and mental structures. We invent things which literally cause cancer, reaching far beyond our scope, and continue to ignore that natural solutions are the way to completely avoid this.

The world has evolved over a vast time based on what was possible for animals (call that natural), then we became creative and are doing things evolution has never prepared for. That is how it is like cancer, when it explodes and can't stop. Our creativity, something new which has separated us from animals, having been wielded by animal intention, like a kid with a gun, has done just that. The idea is by combining things outside their natural progression, they will mathematically produce a logical result, even if that result is functionally inappropriate.

So initially, something opened our minds to creativity, and consequently our means to understanding things. As animal solution was combined with this creative solution, you could say that all hell broke loose. Given unintended dimensions, ego and fear (fight and flight) had a new arena to manifest in regardless. Patterns repeat because everything is math, and math is always math. Like cancer will create things that don't work, it created things that are not real: ownership and mortality issues, with a fear of being wrong, and the need for being right. They are false intentions we evolve upon, which continue to be unnatural, layering the collidescope with false information. That is also the definition of insanity, believing in things that are not real, and how that conflicts with a world that is real.

- Ego

While the few of us horde, most of us suffer, and thriving inappropriately must drive evolution crazy. Everyone being equal is about mutual opportunity, to find and ensure the best solutions survive. Sharing opens all doors, but this product of insatiable domination will close them, lock them, and prevent natural variety in this context by extensive establishment. This must be realized, the strong person is not surviving; the weak-minded, self-indulging are. They have twisted and popularized that to have life you must take it, as a deception to excuse the extravagant behavior, but a good person would never commit the same crimes against humanity. Think of it this way, evil has created a game, it's the only one playing, and therefore continues to win.

- Money

Having a material system directly related to life makes life into something we can fight over, and produces an avenue that perpetually affects things undeservingly. Money is not real because technically neither is ownership, period, and basing life on anything besides life will create itself thusly. Not everyone can contribute a good idea, while the few can buy even a bad one, and this continues to make money the evolutionary factor, derailed beyond the path of reality. You can even make money off of money, which is absolutely absurd, and a complete waste of our efforts.

The medical industry is enormously just that, an industry, feeding off the mal-education surrounding health. They have every reason to keep people sick, if that is how they make money. Educational systems are hording information for the purpose of selling it, like technology in general. A simple solution being best exemplifies the overcomplicating of something real with anything that isn't. Without money, doctors could actually cure people, media could focus on content, education could be free, power can be given appropriately, and our work in general, especially that of the government, could actually base decisions on life, to make that the evolutionary factor.

Ownership is like a state of childhood, that in order to survive we'll have to put mind over matter, and grow up. It's funny how so often it is, that the entirety of something parallels the individuality within it. It's funny how death causes us to fear life, and for no good reason. Consider that money doesn't need to exist; everything still gets done, based entirely on people wanting to have things done, and with the growing need for population control, that would be motivation. If you ever have experienced an emergency situation, you should know there is something you like about it, something that feels like an absence of time. That is life based on life, what you might as well call gods kingdom.

- Conceptual Influence

It's no wonder how art becomes completely absent of love, and led entirely by sex. We are taught to win at any cost as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, the opposite of quality and honesty. We are consequently indulging in things that are designed to seduce us. The ego is promoted excessively, while the products are rarely respected. Multimedia is the most powerful canvas ever created, and likewise is the most dangerous learning when recklessly demonstrated. Constantly learning, we are constantly teaching, one insult leads to another, and mental addictions are a flourishing vampirism. Wise men "know nothing" because ego will cloud the music, like gossip rules with an inventional thrist. There is a mental and martial art of becoming familiar that we do truly learn from, but that intention of understanding is needed to genuinely receive it. Consider that existence is the most accurate thing, it is free, and it is absolutely everywhere. When you honestly learn from that, you should never "know" anything.

- Physical Influence

Addiction has that accumulating jeopardy. Cigarettes being a great example, since you don't need them until you have them. Though specifically, cocaine has this effect of directly enhancing our ego, which has the most transitive impact. Really, are 15 or so minutes of feeling good and powerful worth having stretched your hunger for that? Cocaine has the most egotistical effect on people and what appears to be the most lasting damage. Falling in line with unnatural things being dysfunctional, we access this artificially. Meth also looks pretty bad, like it absolutely drives people crazy. We naturally have what can potentially survive anything, like the virus, or a bad situation, while drugs, like malnutrition, all have a way of misshaping our body to weaken that. There are ways to alter your mind and even get high by your very own body, and natural drugs like magic mushrooms and marijuana offer the most creative tools without physical addiction. Seriously, the moral of this entire story is that nature already knows what's best.


Language is not an exact science, so consider this simply: animal solution will have us devour, while creative solution has given us power, and the logic of cancer will create that exactly. The social organism corresponds to composition, so the whole thing reinforces itself thrustly. There is a realm of transition that is not being nurtured, a painful witnessing for visual distinction that needfully implements every stage of development. If we don't grow up and put mind over matter, music and math will rightfully judge this. We must do things intentionally, or accidentally devour ourselves effortlessly. Given such an opportunity at stake, if you don't know when too late is, that may as well be right now.

There is enough natural pain for life to experience by; rapidly breeding this labyrinth in vain can only stress something progressively unhealthy. Take some historical evidence of the self-obstructive empires for the lack of responsibility they were. Are we just another narcissistic conclusion of unrealistic dilution, or can we escape this unsustainable pattern of failing? We shun what is genocide, yet for luxury and monopoly, are willing to dispute what is globally approaching. Consider what hell we offer future generations for the crime against humanity that really is, and this breeding corruption for the complete disaster of maturity. Fear of change has become an emergency, and the nature of addiction will oppose us extremely. We would certainly have to rediscover just about everything, but don't pretend we are actually so lazy.

Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Opportunity in Motion

cherish the life
to hear the whole story
let flow of your mind
and learn from its body
ego is causing
blind information
breeding our fate
by vain expectation
on and on
teaching might
in every way
win our fight
from primal invention
to conscious flight
through evil and good
this product of sight
a big dark room
look downstream
feeling what's real
pray, hope and dream
in matter of fact
play, work and sing
again and again
for this happening

god damn
i love you
my friend
i love you
god damn
my friend
i love you
god damn

generations of us
re-creation's a must
good reason is seeking
truth or bust
searching for light
each of us might
on and on
make things right
with a canvas made
by fluent math
all that you do
creates a path
in teaching the hand
pray, hope and dream
the further we can
play, work and sing
with our shit on the fan
why risk everything
once upon a time
this is happening
know where we are
and what you mean
on and on and on
save the queen

Cradle Guard

automaton prime
you cultivate the blind
feeding on the fine
fueling it with crime
do you think about our future
when you plan on your own time

automaton prime
did you see good language die
do you know what's in our eyes
living such a lie
avoiding real solution
so your cradle guard can fly

automaton prime
defining reason and rhyme
drawing every line
crafting every sign
spread this addiction
in our infant information
captured our attention
with cosmic valuation
spoiled our existence
by extreme anticipation
neglecting all creation
symphonizing circulation
orchestrating automation

selfish is defined
monsterously blind
more entangled through time
we're all in "this" together
our turn to face the weather
without breaks or rewinding
it takes all reminding

every day is today
for the love

Cosmic Horizon

a tone of stability - tactical gravity
the only solution mathematically

keep enough distance and watch it bleed
the skeletal noise and expanding feed
an infant caught by the needs of a hawk
our greed caught in the hands of a clock
fortunes seedlessly shooken from rock

romantic that laying in perfect rest
reminding the wisdom i often neglect
with any body bleeding itself to death
the driftwood creates omnious respect

Lobster Monster

blooded beyond unrealistic surrender
bothered by a profound pretender
engendering this cosmic doubt
a runaway train on a suicide route
why die now - when bound to find out

the insurmountable coercion of time
confirming the wisdom of nature
thrusting untappedly - this mortality
to swim with sharks and join brutality

eyes voracious by rapacious thought
bone and flesh by sand and rock
a tear rolls and rips and drops
no message is sent not wickedly bent
by benevolent twist it stops

Physical Judgment
(unstarted draft)

Maybe a lot of people who become homeless are struggling with health, addictions or other reasons, and the prejudice they face serves to exacerbate their problems. There are a lot of angry homeless people, some transformed into criminals by their experiences being incarcerated (learning to hate a system that treats them like garbage).

But aside from people having a hard time, if everyone had to be homeless for a few years we'd remember how easy life really is and maybe stop being so afraid of it. They steal so much money off the desperation to keep everything we've been made so absolutely to think that we need.

You can understand being harassed for sleeping in the dunes, because if it were okey then the dunes would be full of the criminals they've created, but then if it were okey there might not be so many criminals. A functional world could be that compromise between technology and nature, when nature becomes part of life again and not just technology.

Vast space and the detail of being outside stimulate your brain while spending time enclosed in a box will dumb you down.

TV will fill your mind with unrealistic malfunction and commercials will replace your soul.

Nature doesn't have a front and never faces you, yet we have created a sign for everything constantly pointing to us, continuously cultivating that ego and sense of self importance; everything is looking at you, all for you, yes you.

This is a great idea, that we borrow while being here, that true ownership is an impossible concept. There's responsibility implied in being a caretaker, and sheer truth in retuning it to the future.

Every impression continuiously changes the conversation, which will go on forever. Language is always creating a digital sample from something enormously analog. We speak in poetry like a virgin, but also with our own do we listen like a lawyer.

Don't forget that politics are a game which continues to be invented. Meanwhile reality and life are amused to be watching us make fools of ourselves. Thinking outside this box could be more wonderful and in all seriousness less difficult.

Not that political victories wouldn't help to steer things for the better, but the mass is the most powerful thing if you can penetrate and inspire it. Nothing changes because we are still being herded by the dynamics around us, like an avalanche.

If our situation for survival is reaching some climax, uniting people and mass understanding are more important than ever. A strategy for growing food and creating communities might be good to prepare for, like tips for sleeping outside.

Never before have so many people become addicted to something like the internet. Everybody has their head in a phone or computer. News has become a trivial thing, like all entertainment, we are numb.

The internet is the most powerful communications dynamic ever created. To get through to the mass you'll need people on the streets to help advertise, but you really need something on the internet that can actually be pervasive.

People need to be spoon fed, and handed something to do on a silver platter. Otherwise they're not going to do anything except follow the contiguous forces of a world subjectively around them.

Doesn't the effort to create more jobs for the sake of creating more jobs make the world more complicated than it needs to be? What if we had to work less? That would create a lot more jobs while also creating less stress.

A blank page and a goal will turn into a mountain of glitches, bugs and abducted logic. Fixing problem after problem piles into a huge complication of fixes causing more problems. Try starting over with a new blank page and the same goal. With more familiarity you actually do a better job, and you create something that is much more simple.

The world beyond the immediate range of our senses is a mental construct, a scheme of belief, expectation, and selected facts. It's not the fault of anyone for being who they are. A real solution has to do with forgiving the people who seem to be in the worst positions.

The educational system is mostly a circus of brainwashing. They teach people what to learn but not how to learn. We're limiting ourselves and our minds because monopoly doesn't allow that variety to grow.

We have become more antisocial with inventions like automated check out, but lab rats who are deprived of bonding play end up being much slower at puzzle solving. At the same time things are being put into the pot just because it can dumb us down, the consumer sheeple, human farming.

Ten pounds of fuel are attached to every pound of food 4 billion people eat. Far from being efficient, capitalism is profoundly inefficient, riding off the feedback where there is entropy. No state, city or community is built to be self sufficient but rather hyper dependent upon the mass distribution network.

You don't have to call it a conspiracy. Just call it a monopoly. But there's one thing they cannot hide, and that is the proof which is in the pudding. If you're going to mess with an equation as intricate as "this" you had better be careful. "There is nothing in the desert, and no man needs nothing."

Don't say utopia. "Life is pain and anyone who says differently is trying to sell something."

Everybody has the right to be what our individuality creates. Think about how rare and advantageous variety is. Every person is a new experiment just by existing, a valuable, new opportunity.

If we could say all things at once in a mere sentence we'd find that what we clash with are mostly the bits and pieces of a same thing.

How can anybody disagree with equal rights, which serve to promote an abundance of good ideas, instead of only those who can buy their ideas, good or bad. We all have the right to be what we are, and nobody has the right to ruin that for anyone else.

It's amazing how a drug can alter the state of mind. Think of all the genetically altered food, the vaccines, the chemtrails, the fluoride, and so much more. Are we really still who we think we are?

Why is it so hard for us to understand evil when it's tap dancing on the animated corpse of society.

We're giving them all the time they need to define and adjust their own strategy. Monopoly is a constraining dogma. The sooner we can break free is the sooner we can get back to life/progress.

Back when the internet started and everything was text there was a game where you leveled up like an asymptote. The bigger you got the more expensive it became to get big. The system worked very well to make a domain that was flexible yet created a popular sweet spot that people would have similar levels of power and opportunity. Not like some games, where the way to win is to just be more powerful that you crush things, but it made the battles more fun and complex because you needed strategy and wisdom to prevail, not just hulk smash. It makes you wonder if this asymoptote structure, being taxed more the richer you become, could work in our society to make it less about money.

____Ancient is our enemy____
our resistance to evolving
these addictions unresolving

Shadows Government

____You're not going to like this, because of how addicted you are, and how angry you feel, because this is not your fault - but you're not going to solve anything by continuing to excuse the root of our problems.

____Insanity is the believing of things that are not real, and how that conflicts with a world that is real. Money is not real because neither is ownership, and this has created an avenue for reality to be destroyed by dishonesty.

____Our world is being held hostage by the selfishness which has promoted itself exclusively. It is being inherited despite good reason, and gives people a means to have power over other people, despite good reason.

____The most selfish people are taking this power and using it to ensure slavery, brainwashing our world with our own pursuit of comfort. We're facing the death of our species, and we're up against people who don't care.

____We need a government with no relationship for money, and community systems for independent sustainability. We need population control to motivate a life based on life, and we need an uncorrupted educational platform.

____The bottom line is that money is screwing everything up, derailing us from the path of reality, and we do not even need to be having it. Taking it out of the equation would solve the equation.

Without greed, we wouldn't need money.
Without money, we could not be greedy.

____The totality of us is enduring, development is adaptable, and the combination of our variety is the most powerful. Please cut the crap, and try being honest. It is bigger, better, faster, and stronger.

____People in the future, who are more creative and more evolved then we can imagine now, owe their existence to our ability. We must take responsibility. This is not out of our hands, and we have to embrace it.

- Cherish -
(tributes to existence)













- Cherish B -










there is far more reason
to celebrate and collaborate
when we can appreciate
everything we don't know

painting a picture
does not change
the fact of a canvas

we can't stand not knowing
so much we are willing
to believe almost anything

allowing this selfish king
who gives every wanting
despite how wrong it can be

damn this animal ego
wanting to take life
as life will take it
it's your jealousy
that creates an enemy

freedom and love
breed our creation
in some monsters belly
we are buried alive

fight the horde
at least in yourself

like cold wind
our subject is pain
to remedy that
is beside the point

good and evil
describe our descry
and the product of conflict we experience
between it and our animal

"on we sweep"
"with threshing oar"
light from our love
escapes any shore
independence is key
to surviving the war
sustaining a future
creates much more

wish luck to us all
that we open the door


You're so greedy that you're jealous of everyone getting to live. You'll worsen their lives to make your own feel better by comparison.

This might be your only chance to do something right, but that means you would have to be egalitarian, and therefore humbled.

I donít care if you threaten to kill me, but you donít have to worry. I wonít do anymore art, and you'll get what you deserve.

"What a lucky man
To see the earth
Before it touched his hand
What a jealous fool
To condemn
A greedy man never knows
What he's done"
- Neil Young.

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