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Heart of Eternal
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Moneyless Government
This is from a weird dream.

It was a third world country of some sort. The population was so dense and complicated it was like watching the moving parts of an armegeddon clock, and the government was so corrupt it was like watching kids fighting over a pinata.

Sound familiar?

Anyone trying to do good in the government was smoothered by the gang pressure around them. Do as they do in Rome, or else... Any of the population trying to save the government were smoothered by the uncertainty of others around them. Fading echos in the dampening mass.

It was a runaway train on a suicide track. The dream was from some thoughts inspired by a film about nazis, who preached the dictatorship version of unity. It was stuck on something so narrowminded there was no great capacity to solve problems.

This is familiar.

A dated political system failing to adapt, a government that behaves more like a fraternity and corporations which are privately running the world instead. When do we create a moneyless government? Are we ready for this? Can we survive much longer without it?

Outlining this is the government needing to absorb and support the vital resources. Corporations have no right to play childish monopoly and privately own the fate of our world. They might as well be the government, and so long as we continue to use money in society, so should banking.

Also, an open source nexus of information with a conductor for democracy needs to be installed as the uppermost command, because if the boss has no boss they have no need for responsibility either. The government is supposed to support our health and independence, and everything else should be our own creations, undictated by anything but the most simple foundation, equal rights.

Living Inside A Box
will dumb you down

We have already lost, we are all slaves, and most of us already know this. The solution has to begin, and we cannot afford to prolong our astonishment. We need a physical plan to reinstall democracy, and we desperately need to modify our situation for the sake of our future. With corporations monopolizing power, money is making all the decisions, and it only caters to itself.

We cannot loose independence, that equality. The more you can test something the more accurate it becomes. It is the most important thing for enabling us to discern evil, progress our variety and survive disaster. They would have us believe we would tear one another apart. They might even pretend that we are, but we can dethrone money with permaculture and community, and this would save our government from monopoly, by saving ourselves.

Money is not real because ownership is not real, yet we have made money our evolutionary factor, with life as a byproduct. Insanity is believing in things that are not real, and how that will conflict with a world that is real. We cannot solve systemic problems with topical solutions. We cannot restrain this monster. We have to cut the head off, which is any system of slavery, such as money. This transition would be more effortless than people seem to imagine. It all starts when we take care of our food, and slow down on everything else.

We are fighting to be conscious from something animal, and this critical thinking, independent, divining freedom can save us. Evil should be illegal, if only we had this democratic government that fully supported our independence. They are not trying to create an intelligent future because they are jealous, one dimensional monsters, too weak in their self to be strong, and we absolutely have to disarm them. If we can recreate independent democracy, with all of our facility and resources at the scrutiny of popular agreement produced by collective education, it will be impossible for any monster to conquer us.

Good Luck